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It's Official; Democracy is dead...

As if we weren't pretty sure of that already, this study out of Princeton University compares the political influence of the common voter (ie. you and me) with that of the wealthy - it's no contest.

Bye, bye, democracy, it was nice knowing you.
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What's that, Microsoft? You are going to force feed us Win8? I don't think so...

So, now that Microsoft has decided to stop supporting XP and their only suggestion is to spend a few hundred or a few thousand on a new PC and move on to their much hated Windows 8 platform, I decided to try another route.

I have a little HP netbook. It’s always been a little doggy, but I only used it for a word processor so it wasn’t a problem that it was slow. Now that the XP software that is on it is losing support, I decided to load Linux on it to see what it would be like.

I’m a Unix admin and I’ve been hearing great things about Linux for many years but haven’t really had the time nor the extra computer to run it on. This little machine seemed the perfect choice to experiment with.

I chose a version of Ubuntu that was designed for netbooks and was supposed to be less demanding of resources so it could run faster on a lower power machine. It took me about 45 minutes to find an operating system, the software to load it onto a bootable jump drive, and then to load that software onto something I could boot my little netbook to. The actual reformatting of the netbook's harddrive and installation of the software took a little longer (maybe 3 hours – but that included reading documentation) but when it was all over, I got a little netbook that runs almost as speedily with 1 GB of ram as my 8 GB Windows 7 PC. The whole operating system is slick, with a minimalist feel and none of the bloatware that comes on any PC you could purchase these days. More importantly, it’s NOT Windows 8.

So far, I’ve found a software package in Linux to do everything a casual user might want to do plus a few that are specifically for my artwork! Inkscape and Audacity – two programs that I already use on my Windows machine – and GIMP, an art program. If I didn’t already have a lot invested in windows programs on my main machine, I’d be seriously considering moving over to Linux on it too. I probably will move my daughter over and my son too – the next time they want new machines. Nobody I know who has Windows 8 likes it, and since windows is determined to force it down everyone’s throats – I thought I’d offer an alternative.

Linux is slick and as professional looking an operating system as I have ever seen. It’s quick, small and clean and best of all, it and most of the apps for it ARE FREE.

I’m sold.

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Schools are called off… AGAIN…

My kids haven’t had a full day of school since LAST WEDNESDAY.

Thursday (2/13), snowstorm – No school.
Friday (2/14) still messy – 2 hour delay
Monday (2/17) – Holiday – No school
Tuesday (2/18/) snowstorm – no school
Wednesday (2/19) Ice – no school

I think I want to switch places with my kids. Let them come to work for me and I’ll be a vegetable in bed.
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Pretty Girl and New Art

I swore I wasn't going to spend more money on my daughter this month... she made out like a bandit at Setsucon this past month and now she managed to con this out of me.... *sigh* I'm a push over. (These are thumbnails - click each to see a larger image)

 photo IMAG0303_zpsxiehzrml.jpg  photo IMAG0295_zpsqjkqh2fn.jpg  photo IMAG0296_zpsydtz3jxz.jpg

I've also been working on new art. The first one is an illustration for a friend (HaganeNeko)'s fanfic 'Forbidden Acts' which is available over at AO3.

Forbidden Acts Illo photo EdCaraccidentcopy_zpsea81b028.jpg

The second is for an old fandom of mine - Fullmetal Panic! - that recently ended. I really enjoyed the ending and was inspired to do an illo for it. I don't know how many people will like the art or care for the subjects, but I've been wanting to see this for as long as the series has been running (10+ years) and I finally got it! At least in so far as I drew it myself. ;) I hope you like both of them.

The First Morning of the Rest of their Lives photo SouskeandKaname_zps82d47139-1.jpg

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Whoa... this kinda tells it all, doesn't it?

Poverty is not an accident. Like slavery and apartheid, it is man-made and can be removed by the actions of human beings.

—Nelson Mandela

Fullmetal Alchemist

New (to me) manga and new (to you) artwork... (Mature Warning)

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

The Doctor

Must share - A treat for Dr. Who fans...

After you've seen the 50th anniversary special, check out this treat that was put together featuring Drs 5, 6, 7, & 8 (a little) and a whole crew of other cameos - http://io9.com/classic-doctor-who-actors-try-to-join-the-special-in-a-1470442008

It's full of in jokes and it will keep you giggling throughout the 30 min long video. A must see if you haven't caught it already. ;)

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This is one of those days that I thank my stars I'm in the vocation I am in.

PA in autumn is about as beautiful as lands can be.

 photo b34dd2fa-b8fe-4b4f-8d9a-547d2ea248de_zpsdc97e7f0.jpg

Here is my current timber sale's view of the West Branch of the Susquehanna River. That bit of blue down there is the river's surface - you can't usually see it from up here when all the leaves are on. The trees in the picture are not to be cut - they are inside the Bucktail Natural Area - a swath of trees along the river that are safe from any cutting ever - or until some politician decides otherwise.

I love autumn sunlight - it just has the perfect balance of joy and melancholy - I don't know - I just love it.

Here's something I did many years ago for just such a day...

I saw autumn sunlight today, glinting sidelong across the mountains. Trees touched with gold and auburn, their wind tossed crowns whispering regrets to the sky. And then I saw you, your hair tousled as the treetops, a halo of umber flecked with that sorrowful light. But you were not sorrowful. You revel in this season - and the light of new adventures was in your bright eyes.

There will be no dangers on this road, for we dwell in the Undying Lands and no evil may make its mark on these beloved shores.

So come. Take my hand and lead me through the hills and valleys of this Blessed Isle. While the sunlight of autumn picks out the fruits of summer's bounty, let us rejoice and taste of them while the warmth still lingers. Winter will come and with it the sleep of long forgetfulness. Let us celebrate the life and renewal we have been given and take our joy while we may.


Had to share...

I've always liked Mr. Moyers - he comes from an age when journalists had integrity. How I miss it.

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For months, nothing... and now two posts in two nights! New car - another proud green moment!

After refinancing the house, I had enough to actually buy a new car. My old one had 173K and was on the verge of needing some repairs, so I figured rather than putting money into the old car, I'd consider putting something into a new one.

My new (to me) 2010 Toyota Prius.

We've named him 'Grey' after Grey Fullbuster of Fairy Tail fame and his color and he's ours tonight. I've NEVER bought a car so quickly - but I've been looking at this vehicle for three years and it was a choice between this one and the Chevy Volt - and since the Volt is REALLY out of my price range, I settled on this one. Ain't he pretty? And even prettier is going from a measly 25 mpg to very healthy 50!

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