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Wood Woman

All Systems Are Go!

For all intents and purposes, the greenhouse is now done! Yeah!

Tada!  All Done! photo IMAG1094_zpssmtjcokt.jpg

I'm not the world's best caulker, and in hind sight, I should have taped the panels in from the inside and then caulked them rather than putting in the manufacturer's clips and caulking around them, but it's done and it's nearly airtight! It's in the twenties here tonight and the inside of the greenhouse is a cozy 62. That's up 20 degrees over what I was able to keep it overnight before caulking. :)

I'm still missing a part - This is the track for the sliding door and it's supposed to have a support that runs up from the frame to support the track. They won't send it to us without the receipt and Hubby is looking for that, but I have to wonder, who on earth would want this one part other than someone who had bought their greenhouse? Whatever, I hope he finds the receipt.
 photo IMAG1096_zpsfay1lyrb.jpg

The only thing this kit was lacking was some kind of door latch. I've rigged it with some clamps, but there has to be something better out there.

 photo IMAG1095_zpsuw82awgs.jpg

I finally got the automatic vent dialed in (I think). On Tuesday it got up to 116 degrees inside - and I think the window on the side of the greenhouse nearest my house is sticking and is too difficult to lift for the little piston on the vent. I wanted to be able to manually open the one facing the river so I could have views, but it opens much more easily and since this is a house for my plants not me, I have to think of them first. Today, it got up to 90, but the vent opened and let some air in before the temp could climb higher. Hopefully it will continue to do that when I'm not observing it.

Got my first plants in. These are the poor wretches that were not handling the shift indoors very well. They're my guinea pigs. If they survive, I can start some seedlings. If not, well, they weren't doing well indoors anyway. :o

 photo 5ef9dba2-31dd-4f91-ba92-42c98105ed7e_zps50d98666.jpg

I've got the solar panel inverter running into the greenhouse and I've put the battery in there. Today, I ran a small ventilation fan on it as well as the light off it, but the minute I turned on heat, the poor little battery said 'no way'! I hope to pick up another small solar panel (a mono-crystalline one) and another battery or two to expand the system. I'd really like to keep the greenhouse entirely solar if I can. Hubby is already making noises about electricity use.

 photo IMG-20150101-WA0000_zpswqidfpyd.jpeg

It's lovely in there - just big enough for me, a table and chair and my plants. Cozy, even downright warm at times, and close enough to the house to get the wifi. I think I know where I'm going to be spending more time. ;) I might even get something written. (:O

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evil_little_dog January 2nd, 2015
Yay for your greenhouse and plants and possibilities of writing!

elasg January 2nd, 2015
It's so nice in there - especially when it's sunny and getting really warm inside while outside is 19 degrees!

evil_little_dog January 3rd, 2015
Do I sense sunbathing in the winter in your future?

cornerofmadness January 2nd, 2015
very very cool.

elasg January 2nd, 2015
Too bad I couldn't ship some warmth over to bake the flu out of you. *hugs* Get better soon.

cornerofmadness January 2nd, 2015
I don't think this is for me. I'm not ill. Mom is (and we'd both rather sit outside in the cold. we were earlier)

elasg January 2nd, 2015
You know you are getting too old when you can't remember which friend told you what... Sorry about that. :o

cornerofmadness January 2nd, 2015
hahaha I hear you. evil little dog was sick

elasg January 3rd, 2015
Yeah, that was it - sorry - I've got a great memory for faces, but not names. Without faces to identify people, I have to work really hard to keep everyone straight. *blush* Sorry.

cornerofmadness January 3rd, 2015
don't feel bad, next week I'll be struggling too. I teach in a place that is not only 98% Caucasian, most of the girls are blond and I'm like OMG how can I keep them straight?

elasg January 3rd, 2015
OME, I would be lost! LOL!

cornerofmadness January 3rd, 2015
They must think I favor the boys in class and the non-Caucasians (what few there are) because I get those names first

ghyste January 2nd, 2015
Looking good! May you and your new greenhouse have many happy hours together :)

elasg January 2nd, 2015
*Bows* Thank you, my friend! I sincerely hope to!

shirebound January 2nd, 2015
You should be so proud of yourself! What a marvelous achievement.

elasg January 2nd, 2015
*Grin* I am! A coworker made a comment to the effect of 'how much of that did your husband do?' to which I replied quite indignantly that he didn't help with ANYTHING (well, besides buying it for me). All this construction was with girl power only - I even moved the greenhouse back into the corner of the porch by myself.

 photo IMAG1093_zpsqsoeuppn.jpg

Using short tubes left over from the deconstruction of the old greenhouse, I put the whole thing up on 'rollers' and pushed it back into the corner of the porch. It was easy and 100% girlpower! ;)

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