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Wood Woman

This is so surreal; murder in a very small town

This is just blowing my mind. http://wnep.com/2015/04/11/husband-taken-into-custody-in-missing-woman-case/

This is the town I work in. They found her in a state forest picnic area that I have to drive through almost every day. I know these places intimately. I just can't even...

From her house to the store is no more than a 3 block walk along the main street that I drive every workday. She supposedly 'disappeared' around 6 in the evening, and these days that's while it's still light out. We were on standby (I'm one of the district's search and rescue personnel) in case they wanted to search the woods, but the searches were mainly along the West Branch of the Susquehanna River. I do have my scuba license, but those are jobs for younger folk than me!

The really freaky thing is we all knew the victim and murderer (alleged) to some degree because it is a really small town - seriously, there can't be more than 4000 people living there. Everyone had a theory. I was pretty sure she was dead, but you never expect someone you know, no matter how slightly, to be a murderer. It wasn't that he was an upstanding citizen - he'd been in trouble for stealing in the past, so I'd heard - but this is a way bigger deal.

I just can't wrap my head around this.
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cornerofmadness April 12th, 2015
Wow that's a little scary

elasg April 13th, 2015
It's more surreal than scary. This guy's a clown but I don't think we ever thought he'd do something this stupid.

cornerofmadness April 13th, 2015
I know the feeling. In my hometown we have almost no violent crime and exactly two cops. It was one of the cops who killed his wife.

ellinestel April 12th, 2015
Yikes! (((((Hugs)))) This is scary.

elasg April 13th, 2015
This guy's actions, as they've become revealed, lead me to have less fear of him actually - he's just done one stupid thing after another. It might be foolish of me, but I feel more contempt than fear.

claudia603 April 12th, 2015
How horrifying and scary!

elasg April 13th, 2015
I haven't really felt scared - just baffled. And now with all the latest details, I'm just shaking my head over how stupid this guy was. I feel lots more contempt than fear. She was no prize, (three kids, three baby daddys) but nothing she could have done was worth killing her over. And now three kids have no mom.

evil_little_dog April 12th, 2015
Aiee. I'm sorry that happened so close to home.

elasg April 13th, 2015
Yeah, that's it exactly! It's so close to home and that's what makes me feel odd about it. I'm not scared (OK, nothing much scares me) but you don't think of people you know as being the type to kill their wife and dump her body. That's something that happens in other people's towns.

evil_little_dog April 13th, 2015
Or big cities. Yeah.

I lived in a town of approximately 100 people in Florida. Not only that, it was a psychic community. One of the psychics was murdered in his house (less than a mile from my place, but everything was less than a mile from anywhere else, the town was so small).

It took about 20 days, but the murderers (a pair of young men) were caught up north, in his car, and convicted.

What was strange was how little there was regarding this locally. I mean, even the gossip at the post office (the local hangout) was directed toward other things.

shirebound April 12th, 2015
That is very, very eerie and unsettling.

*wraps you in hugs*

elasg April 13th, 2015
Eerie and unsettling are good terms for it. I'm not really scared - this guy's actions were just so stupid I can't feel afraid of him - but I feel a little betrayed and a little angry that this piece of shit did something like that in this town. It changes the place.

febobe April 12th, 2015
*hugs* Man, that's horrible. :(

elasg April 13th, 2015
It's horrible and stupid - such a waste.

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