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Wood Woman

She’s up!

I took Monday off so that I could finish getting the panels in. They went together remarkably easily and now I am in the process of caulking the joints to make them water/airtight. It’s a LOVELY little thing.

 photo IMAG10881_zps08212a31.jpg

The greenhouse I had before this was a small tube-framed structure covered by what was essentially a plastic bag. It wasn’t frost proof – and heating it would have been futile and expensive – but it did have some really nice integrated shelves. The plastic bag disintegrated last year but the shelves fit perfectly into my new greenhouse.

 photo IMAG10891_zps6f0fe70a.jpg

This photo shows my progression of greenhouses; the rack that has the equipment on it was part of a single set of shelves that I got from my first ‘greenhouse’. Again, the plastic got brittle but the rack still works. To the right of those are the shelves I got from my last greenhouse – and they’re all working again in my new greenhouse (which I hope lasts longer than either of those did!)

 photo IMAG10901_zps6608e3e5.jpg

The temperature has ranged from a low of 44 this morning to a high of 98 degrees when the sun was shining. I’ve installed a self-venting kit for one of the skylights so it shouldn’t get too hot inside, but until I’ve let it run for a few days, I’m not putting plants in there.

 photo IMAG10911_zps9dd949f1.jpg

Next time you see this place, it will be packed with plants – stay tuned!

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shirebound December 30th, 2014
Look at that! I'm so happy for you. What a harvest you'll be able to cultivate in there.

elasg December 31st, 2014
I can't wait! That little green thing is a temp recorder - the temp got up to 116 degrees! I think it's safe to say the automatic vent opener wasn't working right. When I have all the bugs worked out, then I'll start moving plants in!

rhapsody11 December 30th, 2014
Oh wow, what a beauty!

elasg December 31st, 2014
Ain't she? I'm tickled to death with this!

claudia603 December 31st, 2014
Wow, lookitthat! That is gorgeous!

elasg December 31st, 2014
I think so too, but I'm a little biased. ;)

cornerofmadness December 31st, 2014
oh very very nice (I'm still hoping they'll fix the issues with the ones at work)

elasg December 31st, 2014
I'm told they're notoriously persnickety... I'll hope mine's not. At least I'm covering it with enough caulk it shouldn't leak. ;)

cornerofmadness December 31st, 2014
Ours is different. It's part of the science building but has wonky water works and heat controlsso pretty much everything burns.

good luck with yours

singeaddams December 31st, 2014
Wow, what's going in? Veggies?

elasg January 1st, 2015

I hope so!  My husband is teasing me that it will cost thousands of dollars in heating just to get lettuce, but I can't wait to get it full of plants.

singeaddams January 2nd, 2015
Don't forget to post it all to the gardening comm. We love us some greenhouse porn.

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