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Wood Woman

Breaking a world record for planting trees.

Today, at 1, we and the folks from the Sustainable Forestry Initiative are trying to break a world record for the most trees planted in one hour.  We're one of 30 crews across the US and Canada who are trying to break this record.  We'll each get 50 trees and need to get them in the ground before the hour is over.  It's doable, though the soil up here at this old strip mine in Moshannon State Forest is hard as a rock!  Might take a bit of elbow grease to get them all in the ground by the time limit.  Wish me luck!

 photo 3281_original_zpswiqgxq4y.jpg

Edit: Final tally- 45 planters - 3957!</p>

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shirebound May 20th, 2015
Oh how wonderful! Good luck!

elasg May 22nd, 2015
Thanks! It was really a push, but I got 68 trees planted in an hour. That's about on par with the rest of the folks, though we did have some of our guys showing off. :p

What I found interesting was our 45 did more than the other PA group in Tuscarora State Forest - that had 57 planters and only got 3400 trees in. hehehe!

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