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Wood Woman

My busy week ended with a neat experience

So I was heading home Friday when, on my way out of my timber sale, I spotted some guys I knew from the Game Commission. Seems they were out trapping bears and there was one in a trap on the same road I was on. They let me, my intern and our technician (three women foresters working together - not a common event in such a male dominated profession!) watch while they tagged and vetted a very sheepish looking bear. Here are some photos - I hope you like them! I put them in as thumbnails to keep this post from being as image heavy as the last one. Just click the image to be taken to my photobucket page. I'm afraid my previous post I posted from my phone and there aren't too many controls on that app so the pictures in it were HUGE. Eeek!

 photo Bear
Sheepish bear thinking 'what have I gotten myself in for?'

 photo 20150522_151934_zpstfn1lnmy.jpg
Darted and (finally) asleep.

 photo 20150522_152258_zpsnnect4wr.jpg
Examined by the vet

 photo 20150522_152423_zpscdyh16vo.jpg
Getting jewelery! (Ear tags)

 photo 20150522_153240_001_zpskjfqajts.jpg
Getting a tatoo - no, nothing fancy, just his number on the inside of his lip.

 photo 20150522_154840_zps7skhyvtg.jpg
After the exam, some medical treatment, an antibiotic for broken claws (he tried to dig his way out of the trap), they are getting ready to administer the antidote and release him.

 photo 20150522_155051_zpsiwtddbdb.jpg
Bear is thinking 'these are some crazy drugs I'm on!'

This one is a video
 video 20150522_155159_zps4zwdvfkl.mp4
Bear starting to recover - he's a little woozy and is having trouble getting both the back and front ends to work together. Rest assured, within about 15 minutes of this video, he was moving off under his own (if slow) power.
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febobe May 24th, 2015
Wow! There's something we don't see every day! Thanks for sharing. :)

elasg May 25th, 2015
No you don't, not even on this job. My pleasure. :)

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