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Wood Woman

Apparently we DID break the world record, several times over!


They say official confirmation won't come for a couple of weeks, but I think there is enough of a buffer there to absorb any error. The old record was something like 40,000 trees. One team on this jaunt broke that by itself. ;) The total of all teams this try came out to something like 200,000 trees! I only planted 68 (and that was hard in that soil, believe me!) but they say every little bit counts. :)

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maewyn_2 May 26th, 2015
Well done! It sounds like a lot of hard work!

elasg May 26th, 2015
As they say, 'Many hands...' - in this case, I think the congratulations are solidly due to SFI's tireless efforts. That is a very neat outfit I am pleased to be able to work with. :)

shirebound May 26th, 2015
Yay for you, and the trees!

elasg May 26th, 2015
You betcha! Now if we could please get some rain to water them (though not as much as Texas has been getting, tyvm...)

silverwerecat May 26th, 2015
Congrats! That's a record with many extra bonuses overtime. :)

elasg May 26th, 2015
Yeah! We plant trees every spring, but this was a nice change to be part of something for the record books. :)

singeaddams May 27th, 2015
Woo hoo! I love your job, have I mentioned that lately?

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