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Wood Woman

Bernie or Bust

I had to get this off my chest. I doubt anyone reads this blog after all this time, but putting it out there helps me, so I am.

Bernie or Bust –

You know, when this political primary race started, I didn’t have a negative opinion of Hilary Clinton. I didn’t think badly of her when I voted for Barack Obama over her, but I just thought he’d be more progressive than she’d been so I voted for him. That proved not to be the case (he’s quite conservative as we’ve seen though still probably less so than Hilary) but I haven’t regretted my decision. Obama was Mr. 5% change, but that’s better than nothing, I suppose.

So I didn’t particularly have anything against Hilary this time around, I thought she’d be a fine candidate.

But I knew Bernie would be a better one.

Unfortunately, Ms. Clinton has succeeded in making me utterly LOATHE her because of the lies, the cheating, the dirty, underhanded tactics she’s used against this honest and forthright man. Bernie Sanders is possibly the only legitimately HONEST man left in Congress – and that BITCH has the nerve to trash HIM? Unbelievable. I seriously had nothing against her before this, but I can not stomach the unsubtle lies, the utter contempt she has for the electorate, the hubris with which she treats this contest and the completely biased mass media anointment she’s received. Do you know she’s got a paid army of trolls called ‘Correct the Record’ who are going around making shit up about Bernie? Why are they so threatened by him? And what MORON thought that trashing Bernie and crapping on his supporters would get them to support her in November? Newsflash, Hilary, it won’t. It’s just about the most surefire way to insure they won’t. Sorry to break it to you, but the person on your staff who told you they would was a Trump supporter.

I would have thought a bit of humility might be called for when it’s clear that nearly HALF of your base wants someone else. That half your party wants policies that are more progressive than what you propose, but does she consider that, maybe, she should look to including a bit of progressivism in her platform? No, she basically thinks that the progressives, whom she only treats with contempt, have no other choice and must vote for her. Wrong. We have other parties in this contest. Green Party is a very viable alternative, so is writing in a candidate’s name. “B e r n i e S a n d e r s” is easy to spell right, honey.

I am SICK of the pile-on of the mainstream media as they work themselves into a frenzy trashing Bernie. The more they trash him, with laughably disprovable claims, the stronger my support for him grows. The bias was clear from the start, but now it’s even clear to those who aren’t its victims. She’s desperate and lashing out with personal attacks at a guy who has only ever countered her with policy differences. And there were plenty of complaints and legitimate attacks he could have made and didn’t. He’s been a gentleman, acted with admirable restraint, and held back what he could have said right from the start - and she’s treated him contemptibly for it.

My vote was hers to lose and she did a spectacular job of doing it. I will be writing in Bernie’s name even if it’s not on the ballot.

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shirebound May 19th, 2016
My vote was hers to lose and she did a spectacular job of doing it. I will be writing in Bernie’s name even if it’s not on the ballot.

I feel the same way. Our California primary is June 7th, and I can't wait to get there and vote.

Thanks, SB.

elasg May 19th, 2016
I don't post much anymore, probably because I've said all I thought worth sharing, but it is nice to see a friendly 'face' here. I appreciate the confirmation and dearly hope your voice is heard LOUD and CLEAR during the primary.

It's Bernie, of course, but even more it's what he stands for that I support. He undersands that, she does not. She thinks if he tells us to vote for her, we will - like lemmings, mindless - he says if she's gives us the policies we want, she can get us to follow her. She thinks that's a threat or extortion. Talk about NOT getting it! *shakes head*

ellinestel May 19th, 2016
((((((Huge hugs)))))) I know how you feel. I've been writing other names in the balot for years, but... Mr. P. is still president, and he's becoming more and more scary with each passing day.

On the other hand, I'm just tremendously thrilled to see you here. I miss you terribly.

Lots of love going your way.

elasg May 20th, 2016
Awwwww! I miss you too! I get on occasionally, to read posts, but rarely reply or post. No time! Kyra is getting ready to graduate and Ian has become linebacker sized. How did I find time to do fan stuff?

savageseraph May 19th, 2016
Hi there. It's nice to see you posting again.

elasg May 20th, 2016
Awww! Thank you! I kinda got talked out for a while. Just ran out of stuff to say that anyone would be interested in. ;p

cornerofmadness May 20th, 2016
It's like you're reading my mind here. I feel exactly the same.

elasg May 20th, 2016
Its beyond belief. And media seems to think if you're a certain age and a certain gender you will automatically vote for her! As if!

cornerofmadness May 20th, 2016
Hell I have friends who think that

singeaddams May 20th, 2016
Hola! Good to see you. And I'm so sick of this election I can't even tell you.


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